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How we reached 100k unique visitors on our website

Recently, the number of Four Dots website visitors reached 100k on the dot (or four), which made us revisit some of our main digital marketing tactics, take a closer look at some of our previous moves, and delve a bit deeper into what exactly helped us reach the 100k visitors mark. Digital marketing has always […]

May 4th, 2018

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Growth Hacking
Crypto services providers no longer able to advertise on Google and Facebook

It is not surprising that the recent boom in cryptocurrencies brought about a host of those wanting to exploit the confusion and unrealistic optimism surrounding this growing market. For a system that, at its very core (i.e. blockchain), relies on complete and absolute transparency, the crypto market is not always that transparent itself. Even those […]


How to assess the quality of a link

“Nothing gold can stay” said the poet almost a whole century ago. Go figure. Even if this means that Frost would have been insulted by the longevity his poem has achieved, obviously condemning itself by the standard it describes, he’d have to agree that just writing or publishing a poem isn’t worth quite as much […]