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At Four Dots, we are not only building great links, but also great tools for intelligent SEO strategies.

Working with hundreds of clients month in and month out, SEO agencies like ours typically have to spend a lamentable amount of time on technical work revolving around browsing, creating tables, sorting results and, finally, reporting. All of these can be greatly simplified with intuitive software tools that do exactly what you want them to and when you want them to.

Minimize time wasted on boring processes. We’ve designed machines that can do the machine work for you.

Dibz – Advanced Link Prospecting Tool

Dibz is a link prospecting tool developed to help you simplify the process of searching for and assessing link building opportunities for your campaigns. Predefined searches with strings of advanced operators, in combination with the terms you enter, ensure that you’ll get only the most relevant results in the desired niche. You can fine tune the queries as much as you like, or put your faith in our expertise, enter only your main keywords and cruise your way to better rankings.

Easily sort through the offered results, dismissing the ones you don’t need and organizing the ones you do. Prospects are presented with a range of useful metrics (some of which you can customize on the admin level) including our own SPAM score, Domain Authority, number of Referring Domains and Pages, as well as social shares.


  • Spam score for assessing a website’s quality
  • Predefined parameters to search more efficiently
  • Key SEO metrics shown for each result       
  • CSV download                                

When you find a site with promising metrics, you can easily preview it without leaving our tool, and if you still find it interesting, use the contact email we try to provide for each prospect to move on directly to the outreach phase.                                

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Base – SEO Reporting and Link Management Tool centralizes all your link building data to help you manage SEO campaigns more efficiently. Sort your link building prospects and add all the relevant data to keep track of your team’s work and progress. You can enter the information on prospects, live links, clients and link builders to keep track of all the most important data in a single tool! Base’s intuitive interface will also make it easier for you to present relevant campaign data to the client and let them know about the progress any time.


    • Integrated workflow for all the linkbuilding phases
    • Link audit metrics that help in assessing website quality
    • Categorize prospects and links by niche, industry or any other relevant tag
    • Easy reporting with all the relevant stats included facilitates a linkbuilder’s life by providing a unique space to manage their campaigns, track the team’s work and always have the insight into the most relevant campaign data. Its comprehensive reporting system will help you better communicate with your clients and collaborate more efficiently in future!

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