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Google Penalty

When your biggest fear becomes real, you
need to act fast.


In the digital world, to have a website penalized by Google is almost the same as having your physical product removed from all the visible places in a store. This scenario can be devastating not only for your present sales, but also for your future efforts.


Even the major websites suffered a penalty.
And were cured


Even though Google Penalty can harm your online reputation to a great extent, there are efficient ways to recover in relatively short time period. To do this, of course, you need expert advice and some time to focus on improvements. With some effort, your reputation will again be excellent.



An unusually large traffic drop is probably the most striking change a penalty by Google will cause to your website. Since this can be devastating for any online business, you need to take all the necessary steps to identify and try to solve a problem.

To be able to resolve a problem, you first need to understand it. If you notice performance problems, Google recommends you take the following steps:

  • Identify the type of penalty
    (Panda, Penguin, Manual actions, Malware)
  • Understand the symptoms
    (traffic loss especially if it coincides
    with a Google algorithm update)
  • Assess your options based on the severity of the problem


Google penalty removal process

Depending on the severity of the penalty, you can recover from the damage in as quickly as dozen days or as long as several months. The most important thing, however, is to react on time. This way, you’ll stand more chances of getting to the level of popularity you previously established. Of course, the first step is to know for sure what kind of penalty you’re facing.



Using intelligent Google penalty removal strategies, Four Dots New York SEO company have helped numerous companies recover from the associated issues. This is what makes us confident in our abilities to cope with even the most aggressive penalty and help a business out any time. Regardless of the type of problem you’re experiencing, Four Dots can be of assistance and set your website back on track.
Worried About Your Website’s Future?

Ask for a free consultation and we’ll be happy to discuss the further steps.


Four Dots Testimonials
  • I am very pleased with the campaign that Four Dots formulated for us. Apart from a significant increase in rankings and traffic, it was their level of involvement and versatility that really made an impression.

    Vladan Dobrenov, Founder

  • When we are talking about top tier SEO services, Four Dots is definitely taking the top spot. Fantastic team, great organisation and shiny results. We are always happy when we get a monthly report – simply astonishing.

    Nemanja Veselinovic, Founder

  • Four Dots has delivered outstanding results month on month, without the work that Four Dots provides we would not be in business. Radomir and the team are always there to help, and provide prompt responses. Would recommend them!

    Aaron Weller, Owner

  • Onsite modifications alone would make hiring Four Dots a worthwhile investment, but I was extremely satisfied with every aspect of our cooperation, from reporting to the direction in which they took our brand.

    Goran Radovanovic, Project manager Mobile Shop

  • With Four Dots, we rapidly obtained tangible results (Google first page) and we are very happy of their level of involvement in the project. Four Dots is the professional SEO Company we were looking for.

    Marko Sekulovic, Manager

  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with Radomir and his team for the past 12 months. From content curation to strategy, Four Dots’ expertise have shone through in all aspects of their work. With Crucial on the way up, it’s safe to say we’re very happy with the results.

    Hendrik Kruizinga, Customer Experience Team Leader


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