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Creating Content that Generates Links Like Crazy

“WRITE AMAZING CONTENT!” – Almost every blog post about link building has some version of this sentence in it. It’s like they were all written by the same mad man who carries a bible-like SEO book around and screams random search engine optimization tips at people who walk by him on the street.

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Grim Reaper of SEO – Avoid Making These 12 Mistakes

  “When the Grim Reaper comes to call, words fail – they’re just too small.” ― Dixie Lyle, To Die Fur   The Grim Reaper, a.k.a. Death, is probably one of the most recognizable figures of all time. Often depicted as a tall, pale, skeletal entity shrouded in a ragged, black, hooded cloak with a […]

  • April 18th, 2017

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Text Will Always Be Important for Everyone Who Searches the Web

For years now, I have been listening to numerous digital marketing experts preach about the end of written content as we know it. They think its days are pretty much numbered. Even though the entire Web is basically built on it, more than a few experts believe that sooner or later, video is going to […]

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SEO Project Management: 3 Inevitable Deadlocks & Impending Challenges

​I would love to pursue the career of a project manager! –          Said no one ever.   I am not disrespecting this vocation (you should also know that I manage dozens of projects daily), but it’s not like this profession is something that you can just pick up and apply. On the contrary, SEO project […]

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The Death of SEO: A Hypothesis

While some discuss if near the other graves Be room enough for this, and when a day Suits best for carrying the corpse away, With care about the banners, scarves and staves, And still the man hears all, and only craves He may not shame such tender love and stay. “Childe Roland to the Dark […]

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Digital Marketing is a Jungle, and CTR is its Golden-Haired Lion

ctr lion 1

As a person who makes his bread and butter online, I see the Internet and digital marketing as a great, big jungle. But not just any jungle – a very, very vicious one. Big cats rule the land here. They’re everywhere, and they’re hungry! If you don’t understand how to make the most out of […]

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