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Website not shown in search despite
all your marketing efforts?

Maybe it’s time for a technical SEO audit.

If your website is not bringing the expected results even with advanced content strategies, chances are some of its technical properties are impeding your progress. Since only a properly built website is a well-performing website, you need to make sure that every single element is optimized to meet Google’s long established criteria. This is where Four Dots jumps in – as your reliable New York SEO partner.

How Onsite
Audits Work


Building a favorable reputation among search engines does not solely depend on your link building strategies. Onsite technical properties also affect your appearance in search results, which is why all the SEO-related technical details need to be in place for the maximum efficiency of your campaigns.

Technical analysis
  • Code efficiency
  • Page load time
  • Indexing issues
  • Crawl rank
Website fixes
  • 404 errors
  • Improper canonicalization
  • 301 redirects
Search friendliness review
  • Keyword distribution
  • Page/post descriptions and
    meta tags
  • Title and alt tags
  • Meta data optimization
  • Content optimization
    and many more…


How this correlates
to better search results


All the elements listed above may seem insignificant until they start affecting your pages’ search performance. This is simply because search engines prefer to see web pages with clean code, well-organized page elements and optimized content. If any of these features is missing, your pages may be shown lower in search for keywords with exceptionally high competition.



As opposed to other, user-oriented strategies, technical SEO audit is a process that focuses on search engines to ensure your website looks great in this respect as well. Coupled with content that offers real value for visitors, technical SEO is a key to being loved by Google. If you have any doubts in relation to this or are unsure how a previous agency you collaborated with handled your website, New York SEO firm Four Dots promises in-depth, objective analysis of the existing state, as well as specific suggestions for improvements.



Four Dots Testimonials
  • I am very pleased with the campaign that Four Dots formulated for us. Apart from a significant increase in rankings and traffic, it was their level of involvement and versatility that really made an impression.

    Vladan Dobrenov, Founder

  • When we are talking about top tier SEO services, Four Dots is definitely taking the top spot. Fantastic team, great organisation and shiny results. We are always happy when we get a monthly report – simply astonishing.

    Nemanja Veselinovic, Founder

  • Four Dots has delivered outstanding results month on month, without the work that Four Dots provides we would not be in business. Radomir and the team are always there to help, and provide prompt responses. Would recommend them!

    Aaron Weller, Owner

  • Onsite modifications alone would make hiring Four Dots a worthwhile investment, but I was extremely satisfied with every aspect of our cooperation, from reporting to the direction in which they took our brand.

    Goran Radovanovic, Project manager Mobile Shop

  • With Four Dots, we rapidly obtained tangible results (Google first page) and we are very happy of their level of involvement in the project. Four Dots is the professional SEO Company we were looking for.

    Marko Sekulovic, Manager

  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with Radomir and his team for the past 12 months. From content curation to strategy, Four Dots’ expertise have shone through in all aspects of their work. With Crucial on the way up, it’s safe to say we’re very happy with the results.

    Hendrik Kruizinga, Customer Experience Team Leader


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