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Content strategy is a relatively new term, even though the process, or more accurately, the different, multidisciplinary processes it describes have been around for a while now. Primarily it is about making your content engaging, relevant, easy to find, appropriate both for the demographics you are catering to and for getting your message across, as well as for further brand development.The duties of a content strategist are varied and include everything from research of the potential audience to creating a sensible content flow. In order to help you better understand how good content strategy is important for digital marketing, we have decided to familiarize you with these steps in the process, which can not only help with your marketing endeavors, but also with simply making good content for your website.

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Identify the audience

The first things that you have to consider when making a content strategy are the message that you are trying to get across and the expected consumers of the created content. The audience will determine the style and the topics that you will use, so you really can’t do anything before finding out what people whose attention you want are interested in and what they might find useful, informative or entertaining. There are numerous ways to do this, including browsing social networks, checking the comments on the sites of your competitors, performing different surveys, and generally, immersing yourself in the culture of the people you expect to find your content interesting.

Offer something of value

Once you have identified your potential audience, you have to find a way to produce something that they will find engaging. If you are working on a website which already has some content, your first task will be to review that content, and determine the reactions of visitors, what was it that they liked or didn’t like and whether there are any gaps in the provided content. If you are, however, starting from scratch, you’ll have to determine the key themes and register, as well define the goals your content is meant to achieve.

Basically, your content has to satisfy the expectations of a visitor to your website, it has to offer something useful or interesting, it needs to be relevant when you consider the time of publishing, but, if possible, it should also be “future proof”, which is to say that it won’t get outdated in a couple of months, and it needs to be something that your visitors will gladly share with their friends.

In order to be able to create such content, you have to have extensive knowledge of the subject matter and be aware of the norms and demands of the culture or group you are creating the content for. You must be well acquainted with current trends and people’s expectations, all the while keeping in mind that the content you create is not only meant to satisfy the needs of its consumers, but also the needs of your website or business.

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Making the content work for you

Creating a good content strategy necessitates a holistic approach to content creation, just like a piece of content has to serve more than one purpose, you must view it as a part of a whole, and not an isolated item. This is to say that you have to keep a number of factors in mind, one of which is appropriate publishing frequency and content flow. Most people will publish several average (but still interesting and engaging) pieces of content, followed by a superb one, which will seem even better in the contrast with the previous ones. Naturally, if you are capable of constantly publishing amazing pieces of content you shouldn’t force yourself into mediocrity, but it usually takes too much time and resources for people to maintain that tempo for too long.

Then there are other demands that your content has to meet. First of all, it has to help with promoting your brand, both by painting a clearer picture of your ideology and by reaching new audiences. If you want your content to attract new visitors, you can’t ignore SEO while producing it. This doesn’t just mean that you should sprinkle a keyword here and there, but that you have to have an idea of where your content might be shared and to make it while having that in mind.

They will judge a book by its cover

Duties of a content strategist overlap to some extent with those of an information architect and web designer. You are not only in charge of the creation of the content, you also have to think about the way it is organized and presented to the visitors. Most parts of this will be handled by other members of your team, but you can’t ignore this aspect of content strategy, and have to offer your input whenever it might benefit the way content is perceived.

Reaping the benefits

If you take all of this into account, the content you create will attract a lot of attention and do wonders for promoting your brand. If skillfully made, your content can become both the message and the means for spreading that message around, with your audience doing most of the work on attracting new people.

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