Content Marketing and SEO

A good SEO strategy is not about content. A great SEO strategy definitely is. As Rand Fishkin of Moz pointed out:

"You can't do SEO without content - it's never been possible and still isn't today. Thus, I'd say content marketing is absolutely essential to SEO, but that's nothing new."

Although an effective content strategy and quality goal-driven SEO have always been associated with one another, their relationship has become stronger over the years. Of course, SEO still involves:

  • getting the technical properties right
  • improving the overall user experience
  • tweaking the website for maximum performance

However, it's the full content marketing strategy that actually helps you keep improving your rankings and build the online authority you deserve.

Together, content marketing and SEO represent a perfect combination for boosting the online presence of a person or organization, mainly because they are a combination of traditional marketing approaches and digital innovation.

If you look at the first slide of our content marketing infographic above, you'll notice that content marketing is a century-old strategy, while SEO is a youngster compared to it. However, the development of the digital landscape brought these two together for the best online business outcomes (alongside PPC and other Four Dots services).

With Google's infamous algorithms constantly setting higher content quality standards, the notion such as digital content marketing emerged only as a natural progression of SEO. Namely, the regular production and promotion of relevant content can bring various benefits in terms of SEO, thus enabling a business to cement its positions online.

Our SEO & content marketing infographic illustrates the parallel development of the two strategies through key events the experienced marketers still remember, with the focus on the main SEO and content marketing trends that took place over the years. This is particularly important for those who tend to get confused by constant misinterpretations of how Google's algorithms work and often choose a wrong focus for their digital strategies.

After all, this is the only thing Google and SEO experts have always been transparent about - create great quality content to deserve your search ranking positions and therefore achieve long-term success online.

Overview of Our SEO & Content Marketing Infographic

Pre-Internet Era:

  • The Birth of Content Marketing


  • Google Introduces the Panda Update
  • 9 Out of 10 Companies Start Using Content Marketing


  • Google Introduces Knowledge Graph
  • 75% of Organizations Use Blogging


  • Google Starts to Prioritize Long-form Content
  • 45% of Companies State that White Papers Bring the Best ROI


  • Google Introduces Pigeon - a New Ranking Algorithm Focusing on Local Search
  • Localized Content Generates More Engagements


  • Google Increases the Visibility of Mobile-Friendly Websites
  • Experts Predict the Rise of Snackable Content


  • The Demand for Interactive Content Rises
  • Podcasts, Quizzes, Polls, Flowcharts Are High in Demand
  • The Rise of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)


  • Brand Story & Awareness Become Top Content Priority
  • Research & Original Data Deemed Most Effective Content Format


  • The Rise of Voice Control and Search
  • B2B Content Marketers Started Putting Audience First
  • The Revival of Long-Form Content
  • Google’s "Medic" Core Update


  • Google Introduces 2 updates: BERT and Core Update
  • Content Focuses on Awareness & Audience Education
  • Rise of "Snackable Content" Content Marketing


  • Google’s Core Update
  • The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Relevant, Top-Tier, Long-Form Content Stays In Focus


  • The Use of Chatbots & Artificial Intelligence
  • The Use of Visual Search to Increase Significantly
  • Content Marketing to Remain the Foundation of Successful SEO