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Four Dots has been providing digital marketing services for more than 6 years now. This has made us more than qualified and eager to share some of that knowledge with anyone interested in the subject matter, which is why we are proud to announce the opening of the Four Dots Academy. 


The Academy will offer live lectures where people can learn about digital marketing directly from experts, some of whom have been in the industry for more than a decade. Attendees will get a chance to ask questions about issues not discussed in forums or blogs; meet other people in the industry; get advice pertaining to their specific situation, etc.


The first course offered, An Introduction to SEO & Practical Link Building, starts on Saturday, September 14th and will consist of 6 modules, one presented each Saturday. During the course, participants will get to learn the basics of SEO and link building, including:


  • how Google algorithms work
  • what it means to cooperate with them instead of trying to manipulate them
  • how to actually apply that knowledge in practice…


Apply for free SEO course


To celebrate the opening of our Academy, our first course will be completely free, and, as it will be held in our Novi Sad office, if you are in the area and are interested in the subject, we welcome you to read more about the course and how you can apply for it on our Academy page. 


Why are we doing this?


As speculative and experiment-based as digital marketing is, it requires us to work together, to share our insights, observations, and guesses so that others may draw upon them and perhaps fill the gaps in our knowledge somewhere down the line. While we have been sharing what we know through our blog posts, ebooks, and videos, we realized that it’s time to start doing so in the most direct way possible.


As a digital marketing agency, we have worked with more than 1000 businesses, and have trained more than 100 link builders. Some of them are still with us, some have moved on to in-house positions with companies of all sizes, some are working for other agencies, or have built successful careers as independent SEO consultants, content writers, bloggers, etc.


The Academy is based around the idea that people in this industry need a place to network, freely exchange ideas, test their suppositions and learn about the options presented by the industry from people actively involved in it – and that is exactly what we will try to provide.


Who should come and why 


Digital marketing should not only be of interest to digital marketers and them alone. Whether you like it or not, if you are using the internet in any capacity, you should try to learn as much about it as you possibly can. 


This means that you don’t have to be directly involved in digital marketing to find value in our courses. So, aside from the in-house, freelance, or agency-employed digital marketers, our modules also have a lot to offer to:


  • Freelancers of all profiles
  • Bloggers
  • Social networks influencers
  • Small, medium or large business owners


…and just about anyone else who could benefit from learning a bit more about how the Internet works.


While our first course is going to be focused mainly on different aspects of link building, our subsequent lectures are going to be dealing with a much broader subject matter. That means that, depending on your reasons for being interested in this topic, you might be able to learn all about:  


  • The most common SEO myths and mistakes 
  • Client acquisition and management, including progress tracking and reporting
  • Competitor and keyword research
  • The best tools, platforms and tactics for specific occasions
  • Evaluation of links and sites you might be thinking about adding to your portfolio
  • Outreach and contact management
  • Workflow optimization and task automation
  • Promoting your freelance services, your blog, or your business online
  • Estimating how much time and money you should invest in this kind of promotion and what the potential benefits may be



What’s to come


Those who attend our course and successfully complete the test at its end will receive a certificate of completion, and hopefully go on to further expand their knowledge, whether by working in the industry or through further education. On our side, we will listen to your feedback, find out which specific areas of digital marketing you are most interested in, and try to tailor our future courses based on what we learn. 


If you want to become a part of this community where knowledge will be shared freely, without discrimination or fear of divulging ‘industry secrets’, we would be glad to welcome you and teach you all we can.


Apply for free SEO course


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