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Technical SEO Specialist

Due to the increased influx of new projects, we are looking for a new member of our team in Belgrade office, for the full-time position of Technical SEO specialist.

Candidates should be well-versed in performing technical SEO audits, familiar with the digital marketing industry in general, and should have at least 2 years of experience (preferably agency).

We’re crafting custom manual reports for each client so basic reports in the form of screenshots from popular free online tools just won’t be enough.
Needless to say, the desire for continuous education and staying current with this fast-changing industry is a must.

The primary role of this position is a technical analysis of clients’ websites and occasionally implementation of given recommendations, all based on the defined deadlines.

A Candidate should have a strong understanding of what each of the issues and recommendations sent to the client means and should be able to answer questions regarding proposed changes to a client and/or their developers in meetings. 

The scope of work covers:

  • Technical SEO audits of both foreign and local clients projects
  • Keyword research & mapping for SEO campaigns
  • Client competitor analysis


  • Analytical thinking
  • Strong knowledge of the English language (a vast majority of clients are foreign)
  • Strong knowledge of technical and on-page SEO
  • Practical knowledge of advanced technical SEO topics (canonicalization, hreflangs, Schema, etc)
  • Practical knowledge of popular SEO tools (Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, Google SearchConsole & Analytics)
  • Understanding of web performance tools and best practices (PageSpeed Insights, Lighthouse)
  • Understanding of HTML/CSS (great if your background is in web design/development)
  • Operating knowledge of WordPress (publishing, management, editing, plugins)
  • Working knowledge of Google Docs / Sheets

We will ask for examples of your previous work. Of course, you can/should remove sensitive information if you have any privacy concerns).

Considered as a strong bonus (any point counts):

  • Agency experience
  • Operating knowledge of Shopify
  • Sense for UI/UX improvement
  • Ability to audit client backlink portfolios (requires experience in link building)
  • Being comfortable with CLI tools and SSH
  • Experience with web hosting industry and familiarity with the terminology
  • Experience with Nginx and Apache configuration
  • Involvement in content production
  • Experience or working knowledge of PPC (search, social)

A bit about us:

  • We started as an SEO agency 8 years ago, and today we are a Full Digital Marketing Agency & SaaS product developer and publisher
  • We have offices in Novi Sad, Belgrade and Hong Kong
  • Our clients are based all over the world and are coming in all shapes and sizes.

People you’ll work with on your projects:

  • Prominent Performance Advertising Team with huge agency experience – who flip ads as burgers
  • Extremely Creative Design Team – ready to produce ads and bring attention and sales (in Novi Sad)
  • Technical / Development team – that you will fit into and learn heaps from
  • Data Analytics Experts – who can track everything (can track Mars rover when NASA cannot)
  • Team of Content Writers – to provide quality content for any purpose
  • Responsible Account Management team – that will not set unrealistic expectations with clients and will handle the heat

Here’s what we’re bringing to the table:

  • Cool pet-friendly office space in the Belgrade city center, inhabited with friendly experts in their own field, ready to transfer knowledge and help you expand your horizons in digital marketing
  • Regular Central European time zone working hours with flexible start (colleagues usually come in the office in between 8 and 11am)
  • Highly competitive salary
  • A dog. A real dog with fur and stuff.


Suitable candidates will be given a test audit/project for skills evaluation after the interview.

IMPORTANT: If you do not fulfill all the requirements, submitting the application is greatly discouraged and will not be considered.

Got what it takes to work with a great team of 70 professionals?
Please submit your CV and cover letter to the form below:

Deadline: March 30th, 2021

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