Four Dots

Content writer

We are looking for a new member of our team in our Novi Sad office, for the position of

Content Writer

Four Dots is hiring an experienced, responsible and analytically oriented Content Writer/Content Marketer to join our in-house content marketing team in Novi Sad. This person should bring a fresh perspective to our already experienced team of Content Writers, SEO experts and Content Marketers. You will have the opportunity to tackle in-house tasks and content-based strategies, as well as work for a variety of clients (B2B and B2C sectors), all that across the US, UK, Australian, domestic and European markets.

Main tasks and responsibilities

  • Write different pieces of content on a daily basis, optimized for different mediums, including blog posts, white papers, tech content, guest blogging content, content for our SaaS products, metadata for page optimization, social media profiles, etc
  • Work closely with our user acquisition, design and UX teams to make sure our products are easy to use and all features are well communicated
  • Help develop and write user guides and help articles for our products
  • Develop engaging and exciting marketing copies that drive sales, events and other KPIs, without sounding cheesy and worn out
  • Ensure all copy across all products and marketing channels is ‘on brand’ and consistent with the end-user and target audience
  • Work with our data and CRM departments to help A/B testing and optimize product and marketing copies 
  • Manage multiple projects simultaneously, adhering to deadlines, while maintaining high-quality output 
  • Develop content strategies based on analysis and research
  • Document strategies and present them in a cohesive manner
  • Break down content promotions to achievable milestones
  • Efficient content promotion across all inbound marketing channels
  • Meeting strict deadlines


  • Impeccable English (both written and oral communication)
  • 2+ years of experience in a digital marketing agency and proven experience in copywriting, both for product descriptions and marketing purposes
  • Firm grasp of up-to-date SEO and content marketing best practices
  • You are motivated, take initiative and have a hands-on mentality
  • You are creative, think outside the box, always looking for new ideas and ways to improve processes and end results 
  • You have a knack for making the complex appear simple

We Offer

  • Learning, development and growth opportunities
  • A chance to expand your knowledge through practice
  • A chance to learn from inbound marketing & SEO experts
  • A friendly, creative and encouraging work environment
  • Full-time employment

We need a superstar content writer and content marketer. A true professional who can bring value to our clients, our in-house projects and deliver quality content and tangible results.

If you’ve found yourself in the description above, please send us your CV and portfolio via the following email: [email protected]