Four Dots

Radomir Basta

Co-founder and CEO at Four Dots, Elevate Digital Hong Kong and Four Dots Australia

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Radomir Basta has earned a reputation as one of the leading experts and entrepreneurs in the rapidly evolving digital marketing field.

As CEO and co-founder of Four Dots, Radomir has distinguished his company as a top-flight digital advertising enterprise, distinguishing itself in the industry for its creative search engine optimization techniques it offers and its innovative solutions. Under his leadership, the organization has broadened its global presence, having established strategic outposts in Australia, as Four Dots Australia and Hong Kong as Elevate Digital Hong Kong.

Apart from his position at Four Dots, Radomir also functions as the CEO and co-founder of multiple prospering SaaS startups. There are several software systems that work very well: Firstly, This manages all structure and preparation of floors. The next,, controls and produces outputs of marketing data or other data requested by the user. There is another,, that helps users find and communicate with influential individuals who can help them grow businesses. Lastly,, manages and reduces fear and boosts or times of purchases mainly through websites.

Motivated by his conviction in the influential capabilities of AI, Radomir has committed himself to form original, AI-driven methods and products. This approach has already produced actively developing projects like 1×, and, which are conveniently approachable by all.
Additionally, he has committed himself to the nurturing of new business interests, especialy those enterprises oriented to selling new products to new customers at a profit. It’s an active role in making things happen.

Radomir, an esteemed thought leader in his industry, has graciously used his decades-worth of expertise by becoming the chief resident lecturer for the SEO module at Belgrade’s Digital Marketing Institute. His sterling efforts do not end there because in 2020, he released The Good Book of SEO. A handy, no-nonsense guide listed on Amazon, created for business owners and digital marketing managers who are directly working with SEO specialists, freelancers and SEO agencies. He had the honor of mentoring qualified startups at the Google Launchpad event in Belgrade.

Radomir, due to his wealth of experience, dynamic approach as an entrepreneur, and ambitious quest to create new and exciting solutions, consistently forges the path ahead for digital marketing and AI-based solutions through various enterprises and educational campaigns he undertakes.

With over 13 years of experience in digital marketing and SEO, Radomir moderated or participated in various panels, lectured, and keynoted at local and regional digital marketing conferences and, from time to time

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