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The final installment of Digital Marketing Week in Review by Four Dots for 2019 is upon us! “Digital Marketing Week in Review” is a week-based column in which our content team at Four Dots addresses and tackles some of the most interesting, oftentimes even disruptive, topics from the ever-exciting world of digital marketing.

In our “December 2019: Week 4” edition, we have stumbled upon some relevant and attention-grabbing stories, including: 

  • SEOs Are in High Demand LinkedIn Study States
  • Google Reveals that Certain Search Console December Data Might Not Be Accurate
  • Instagram Introduces the Layout Feature Allowing Users to Upload Multiple Photos 
  • Google Ads to Shut Down Supporting Customer Service via Facebook and Twitter
  • Facebook Impresses by Having 4 out of 5 Most Downloaded Apps of the Year

…and more. 

Read on. 


Google Reveals that Certain Search Console December Data Might Not Be Accurate

Google has recently, and rather inconspicuously, announced that certain anomalies have been discovered within their Search Console data, which can potentially alter your December GSC reports. 

To be more specific, the aforementioned error directly impacts the reporting of the following metrics: 

  • Google Discover Impressions 
  • Google Discover Clicks

The bug affects the period between December 8 and December 13, and according to Google, it may result in unexpected data drops in Performance reports during the said time frame. 

Taking proper note of this anomaly is especially relevant to those who need to create monthly GSC reports for their respective clients. 

More info on inaccurate GSC data available here


Google Ads to Deactivate Supporting Customer Service via Facebook and Twitter

Earlier in 2019, Google Ads reported they would be moving customer support requests to an online form, meaning the company would stop executing customer support service via Twiter and Facebook. On December 20th, they announced that – as of January 1, 2020 – they will deactivate direct messaging on the Google Ads’ Facebook and Twitter accounts, and instead, give the users an opportunity to reach out through submitting an official form which will then be tackled via “chat, email or phone.”  

The FB story was officially announced via Google Ads Facebook page on December 20:


Google Ads Announcement | Four Dots


You can go to the Google Ads Help Form here.


Instagram Introduces the “Layout” Feature Allowing Users to Upload Multiple Photos 

The social media behemoth just introduced a brand new, and recently very coveted, Instagram Stories feature that provides users to upload multiple snaps on a single screen. The new feature is dubbed Layout and has been launched on December 17th

The Layout option allows you to post up to 6 photos at once. It is basically a collage-like feature which means it is quite user-friendly and is likely to become among the most popular and used Instagram posting features. 

Instagram Layout screenshot | Four Dots
(Source: Twitter)


Facebook Takes Instagram Creators Under its Wing by Expanding the Brand Collabs Manager

Considering the fact that influencer marketing will be an important factor in 2020, especially on Instagram, Facebook is trying to find an easier and more straightforward way to include brands and Instagram creators into their marketing campaigns.

As you probably remember, last year, Facebook introduced Brand Collabs Manager. This tool helps brands to find relevant and on-platform influencers with whom they can collaborate.

Facebook decided to open Brand Collabs Manager to Instagram creators as well and allow them to easily find new contacts and brands. This will definitely make Brand Collabs Manager a better creator marketplace tool. Also, this could be a step towards building the definitive Instagram influencer database.

Here’s the official statement from Facebook:

“…we’re opening up Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager – a marketplace tool previously only available to Facebook creators – for a select group of Instagram creators. They’ll now be able to share insights and engagement with brands and find partners that will resonate with their audience. Creators in Brand Collabs Manager can also search for like-minded brands looking to partner on content creation. They can source new deals, manage partnerships, and automatically share insights with them (before this, many creators could only send brands screenshots of their analytics).”


Facebook Impresses by Having 4 out of 5 Most Downloaded Apps of the Year

The end of the year is always a time for interesting stats. Impressively, but not surprisingly, Facebook is the most superior company when it comes to the most downloaded apps. More precisely, 4 out of 5 most downloaded apps this year belong to Facebook.

Here are the top 5 most downloaded apps of the year according to the App Annie’s data:

  1. Facebook Messenger
  2. Facebook
  3. WhatsApp Messenger
  4. TikTok
  5. Instagram

However, it’s important to point out that App Annie’s data did not include all the re-installs or app updates. Only net new downloads are counted in this report. Also, consumers are spending more money on apps and experts estimate that spending will approach $90 billion worldwide in 2020.


SEOs Are in High Demand LinkedIn Study States

A recent study by LinkedIn shows the demand for SEO professionals is increasing.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator states that there are 47.5K US job openings related to the SEO industry and 909K SEO professionals in the US. This basically means there are 20 people applying for every job.

Also, there are 26.5k people on LinkedIn who have “SEO” in their job title. Most of those individuals are employed in marketing or advertising.

Interestingly, the majority of these SEO professionals work in small or mid-sized companies.

The study shows that 10.5k of SEO professionals are relatively new to this business with about 1 to 5 years of experience. There are around 4k SEOs who have 6-10 years of experience, and only 3k of them have more than 10 years of experience.

This is rather interesting because 12k SEO job openings are looking for a person with mid to senior level of experience. This means that if a person with at least 3-years of experience fits the mid-senior level profile, then there are 12.5k qualified professionals on LinkedIn.

This is almost a 1:1 ratio, which means it is a “seller’s market” for SEOs out there.


We wish you all the best during the upcoming holidays. Until our next installment of Digital Marketing Week in Review by Four Dots, check out the previous editions!

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