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Four Dots is thrilled to announce that we have started offering SEO, PPC, Content, Analytics, and other digital marketing services to people and businesses of Australia. We are now officially entering the Australian market with the main goal to help both small businesses and large enterprises to grow and rule the online world.

Since many respectable Australia-based companies have already experienced growth in reach and profit with the help of our Four Dots team of experts (10+ years of experience), it was a logical step to open physical headquarters in Sydney.

Going international and going global is nothing new for us. The offices we have already established in New York, Hong Kong, Belgrade, and Novi Sad and hundreds of successful campaigns across the globe testify that we are ready for the challenges that await us in one of the most competitive and progressive markets such as Australia.

What Does This Mean for Australian Clients?

Four Dots Australia is a digital marketing agency that covers °360 digital marketing solutions and provides the following services:

…and other related services that can help you quickly beat your direct competitors.

With our Help, Your Business Will no Longer be ‘Invisible’

All Four Dots Australia clients can expect our detailed guidance through every step of their custom-tailored digital marketing strategy. We will help them by creating solutions for their specific business needs. This means that, if you have a great product and/or service, we will help you quickly reach your potential customers and grow your business fast.

Your website pages will be completely optimized for relevant keywords and locations, which will leave your competitors miles, or should we say, many positions on Google search behind you. 

The main goal of this new Aussie-based digital marketing agency is to help local Australian businesses – from small companies to large enterprises – achieve the following objectives:

  • Boost their online visibility
  • Reach ideal target demographics
  • Initiate growth 
  • Develop custom-tailored marketing strategies and solutions
  • Improve the technical SEO aspect of their website pages
  • Increase ROI

As a proof of success, here are some of the brands Four Dots has been catering to so far: Coca-Cola, Philip Morris International, IQOS, Orange, Beko, Crucial, MissAmara, Buro,,, Gulf Coast Cash Relief, etc. 

Creating Added Value for Australian Businesses

If you already have a website but you are not quite pleased with its rankings, Four Dots Australia will fix it by conducting technical audits and backlink checks. This method will show you what needs to be improved and which strategies must be implemented so your website’s performance is vastly improved

Speaking of keywords relevant to your niche and industry, this digital marketing agency will perform competitor analysis and check if the content on your website should be richer, more original, and in compliance with proven SEO postulates. If so, their content experts will provide you with more quality content that will put you in the spotlight, attract and engage your desired audience and promote your services and/or products exactly where they’re needed.

Regardless of the service that Four Dots Australia performs for you, this digital marketing agency is here to help you succeed from the stage of awareness to the phase of conversion, loyalty, and advocacy of your customers towards your brand. Competitive and budget-friendly prices are another reason to choose Four Dots Australia to help you get to the top.

Highly Competent People 

Who is Four Dots Australia?

As a full-range digital marketing agency with decade-long experience, Four Dots helped quite a number of companies grow and reach online success. We succeeded together by polishing their link portfolio, filling their websites with quality and relevant content, increasing their exposure, making sure the technical SEO part is on point, and helping them reach their target audience in order to provide increased Return On Investment (ROI). 

The new Four Dots branch involves extensively knowledgeable marketers with more than ten years of experience within the field of digital marketing. Four Dots Australia core team members are:

  • Radomir Basta – CEO
  • Milica Dobrenov – COO
  • Natasa Bajic – CIO
  • Harry James – CMO

Radomir Basta, better known as Rad within the field of SEO, is one of the founders of Four Dots. Rad, Milica, and Natasa, together and individually, have impressive portfolios filled with countless successful projects implemented across the global digital marketing landscape. It should be pointed out that besides numerous happy clients, Rad successfully passes on his SEO knowledge by participating in lectures, conferences, and academies relevant within the world of digital marketing. He is the one to thank for sharing tremendous SEO expertise by publishing The Good Book of SEO. The book is full of proven and applicable advice for those who work or closely collaborate with SEO professionals and service providers and it is dedicated to business owners or marketing managers. Giving it back to the SEO community, Rad helps readers to comprehend the universe of Search Engine Optimization and turn it in favor of their business.

Rad is the one to be credited for SaaS-based marketing tools developed by the Four Dots:

  • Reportz – A highly functional software for automated reporting and data-tracking.
  • Dibz – An extremely effective link building tool for automated link scraping and prospecting.
  • Base – A great tool (Chrome Extension included) for streamlined link management and link building.
  • The Trustmaker – A great social proof tool that can boost your sales and conversions with minimal effort on your part. 
  • Kraken Box (currently in development) – a robust and all-in-one SEO platform consisting of 4 stand-alone tools. 

By joining forces with Harry James – whom we admire for his expertise – we can confidently embark on a new challenge called the Australian market. We can say that our Four Dots team and Harry James separately helped thousands of satisfied clients all over the world, so just imagine what we can do together!

Harry James is an accomplished and experienced marketer who has been focusing his digital marketing efforts on helping small Australia-based businesses gain traction, scale, and grow. Now working as the CMO of Four Dots Australia, he is helping our team to develop presence and success in this competitive market.

Prior to becoming an important part of the team, Harry has worked for numerous acclaimed companies, including Elevate 360 (Operations Manager), Crucial Cloud Hosting (Business Development Manager), Chargebar (Operations Manager), Online Marketing Gurus where he was COO and oversaw the agency operations of all Consulting and Delivery teams, providing frameworks and systems to enable all parts of the business to operate as one scalable unit.  

Interdisciplinary Expertise

  • Versatility is our main advantage and having a team of experts that create custom-tailored digital marketing solutions in various fields of digital marketing is the virtue that sets us apart.
  • We are eager to accept every new challenge and find a solution that best suits our clients, their businesses, and their KPIs.
  • The success of our clients is our personal success.
  • Last but not least, Four Dots Australia is the official Google partner. 

If you are an Australian business that seeks a premium digital marketing agency to help you reach your overarching business goals, we highly recommend checking out Four Dots Australia.

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Radomir Basta
CEO and lead SEO strategist at Four Dots and lecturer at Digital Marketing Institute Also an angry driver and huge tattoo fan. In love with growth hacking.

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