Introduction to SEO & Practical Link Building

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6 Modules. Every Saturday
from 10 AM to 2 PM

Course price 420€ or 49.000din


About the

The focus of this course is to provide valuable theoretical and practical SEO knowledge that you will be able to use as a foundation upon which you can build additional digital marketing skills. Due to government recommendations and advice on how to help prevent further transmission of Coronavirus, you can currently attend this course online only and participate regardless of your location. Note that we intend to teach the course via a video-conferencing service and thus maintain its interactive nature.

  • Understand search engine guidelines
  • Recognize and build quality links
  • Discover good link opportunities
  • Set up Google Analytics
  • Use Google Search Console
  • Use Google Operators for advanced search
  • Write an outreach email
  • Build relationships with bloggers
  • Define and follow the KPIs you set

At the end of the course, the students will take the final test which will assess the knowledge they acquired through the course. Course attendees who successfully complete the test will receive a certificate of completion. What is more, candidates who pass the course with distinction and express interest in further collaboration might become a part of the Four Dots team.

Important note: All course and study materials are in English, which is why candidates must possess basic knowledge of the language.

Four Dots crew

Why four dots academy?

For years, we have been on the pulse of digital marketing, making note of every change and helping our clients adapt to constant updates. And our efforts were fruitful. For each campaign, we employed our theoretical knowledge, practical work, and conclusions we drew from experience.

That is precisely what sets Four Dots apart - the fact that we are in this business right now, dealing with its daily changes and challenges it sets upon us. With us, you get proven tactics and advice we learned from experience.

Our course offers:

  • A chance to learn SEO and link building hands-on
  • Practical knowledge on a specific SEO subject
  • A certificate provided by an industry expert
  • High return on investment for a fair price

Our lecturers:

  • Possess real-world knowledge
  • Use their skills and expertise on a day-to-day basis
  • Have years of SEO experience
  • Provide the much needed support and answers.

Who is this course for

An Introduction to SEO & Practical Link Building is for individuals who have already had the chance to familiarize themselves with the basics of SEO and link building. It is beneficial for:

Companies and agencies who want to invest in their marketing team's further education and skill development.

Freelance marketers who possess knowledge of digital marketing but want to strengthen their link building skills.

Entrepreneurs, SMB owners, bloggers and individuals who want to manage their website on their own.

Course price

Interested candidates may apply for the course by paying in two equal monthly instalments.

Course price: 49,000 din (420€)


Students' Impressions

Take a minute of your time to see what our students have to say about the course and hear first-hand how much practical knowledge you can gain.



Lessons &

The course will be taught by experienced lecturers who have years of experience working in the industry and their respective fields.

Radomir Basta

CEO of Four Dots

Tamara Badža

Head of Link Building Department at Four Dots

Marina Ćurčić

Senior Link Builder at Four Dots

Miloš Kostadinović

Technical SEO Specialist at Four Dots

Jasna Stanić

Senior Link Builder at Four Dots