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Four Dots Academy was established with an aim to share the experience we earned over the years and raise awareness of the industry in the region. Namely, investing in digital marketing has become crucial for businesses who want to appeal to modern consumers and maintain strong status in their industries. We recognized the need for expert inbound marketers who will take over the intricate work and help businesses conquer the market with strategic digital marketing campaigns.

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For years we have been grooming the next generation of SEOs, thus gradually raising awareness of the industry and the benefits that come with it. Now, we want to make an even greater impact; we want to officiate our educational efforts by establishing the Four Dots Academy where anyone will get the opportunity to gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills that we acquired over the years. We are here to aid you on your journey to becoming a well-versed SEO professional.


For years, we have been on the pulse of digital marketing, making note of every change and helping our clients adapt to constant updates. And our efforts were fruitful. For each campaign, we employed our theoretical knowledge, practical work, and conclusions we drew from experience.

That is precisely what sets Four Dots apart - the fact that we are in this business right now, dealing with its daily changes and challenges it sets upon us. With us, you get proven tactics and advice we learned from experience.

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Four Dots holds the reputation as one of the most prominent digital marketing agencies in the region. We have been actively operating in the industry for more than 7 years and, during that time, we provided services for more than 1,000 businesses worldwide. That is precisely what sets Four Dots apart - the fact that we are in this business right now, dealing with its daily changes and challenges it sets upon us. With us, you get proven tactics and advice we learned from experience

But we are not just another service provider. Since the very first day Four Dots Agency was established, we dedicated most of our time to teaching. Today, we are proud to say that we have successfully educated over a hundred link builders.

Our goal is to raise awareness about digital marketing and its benefits for both companies who want to grow their business and individuals who are looking to advance their skills and knowledge. At Four Dots Academy, you will gain valuable practical knowledge and monetizable skills that will enable you to advance professionally. You will learn from our lecturers who possess real-world knowledge and have years of experience in their respective fields of SEO. They use their skills and expertise on a day-to-day basis to help our clients boost their marketing efforts and achieve business success.


Four Dots Academy courses are designed to cover different fields of digital marketing. They are created with beginners and experienced marketers in mind, which means that we can help you jumpstart your career and learn about the industry by teaching you the basics, as well as teach you advanced tricks that we learned from our experience. If you wish to take up any of our advanced courses, you will either have to pass the beginner’s course or take the test in advance to assess your prior knowledge.

In-person & Live stream

All of the courses are held in our offices where you can learn first-hand from our experienced lecturers. What differentiates our approach from others is the focus on gaining practical skills. All lectures entail computer work - not just jotting down lines of tedious theory. With us, you will not be learning by heart; you will get to test every new trick we teach right there on the spot and consult with the lecturer in case you hit any bumps on the road. Any questions or doubts you may have can be answered straight away through a discussion, which is one of the greatest benefits of choosing to attend the course in person. Even during the coffee break, you can get to know our lecturers a little better and mingle with like-minded people. However, if you are unable to attend any of the courses in person, you will be able to listen to a live stream video.

Receive an Official Certificate of Completion

Upon every course completion, the students will take a test to assess the knowledge they acquired through the course in question. Course attendees who successfully complete the test will receive a certificate of completion.




Our PPC Course is for people who want to learn about paid marketing from scratch. You will learn how to set up a PPC campaign, write ad copy, choose keywords and manage PPC budget. All this is in an effort to teach you to increase CTR and decrease CPC for the most optimal PPC campaign performance.

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Advanced Google Analytics course is designed for you to learn how to collect business-specific data and transform it into easy-to-read reports. Learn about more advanced analysis techniques and marketing strategies so that you can better understand your visitors and customers.

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Find out why content marketing is an essential addition to your SEO efforts. Learn how to conduct detailed research and write content that will convert. Familiarize with different types of content, their benefits, how to create them, and incorporate within your content marketing strategy.

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This course is specially designed for account managers, sales representatives, and management positions where general knowledge of digital marketing is necessary to manage client and in-company relationships. Gain an understanding of the basics of SEO, PPC, and Content Marketing that will provide a well-rounded knowledge of digital marketing.

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